List of Star Trek series episodes and movies that give background to the story and characters of Star Trek: Picard.

I tried to make the list as short as possible and comprehensive enough so a person not familiar with Star Trek is able to understand “Picard”.

SeriesEpisode #EpisodeTopicStar dateYear
ST:TOSS01E24Space SeedAugments3141.92267
movieStar Trek II: The Wrath of KhanAugments8130.32285
ENTS04E04BorderlandAugments 2154
ENT S04E05Cold Station 12Augments2154/2143
ENT S04E06The AugmentsAugments, androids2154
ST:TNG S01E26The Neutral ZoneRomulans41986.02364
ST:TNG S02E09The Measure of a ManData, Bruce Maddox42523.72365
ST:TNGS02E16Q WhoBorg42761.32365
ST:TNGS03E10The Defector
ST:TNG S03E16The OffspringData, androids
ST:TNGS03E26The Best of Both Worlds IBorg, Borg Queen
ST:TNG S04E01The Best of Both Worlds IIBorg, Borg Queen
ST:TNGS05E07Unification 1
ST:TNGS05E08Unification 2
ST:TNGS05E23I Borg
ST:TNGS06E14Face of the Enemy
ST:TNGS06E26Descent 1
ST:TNGS07E01Descent 2
movieFirst Contact
ST:VOYS03E25Scorpion 1
ST:VOYS04E01Scorpion 2
ST:VOYS05E15Dark Frontier 1
ST:VOYS05E16Dark Frontier 2
movieStar Trek 2009
ST:Short TreksChildren of Mars